The Beginning

This post may contain affiliate links for more information please our disclaimer page.small business motivationI’ve been sitting at the table, staring at my phone and thinking about how to start this blog. I have a vision of something that people all over will see and use to try and start a small business or make there’s better. I’m not degreed in business and I don’t have years of experience at Fortune 500 companies telling me what to do, but what I do have is almost three years in a boot strapped business, almost a million in sales, and a 45% profit margin. I make a better living now then Ever doing something that 5 years ago I never would have even considered doing.

The game plan is just a weekly post about what I deal with and how I resolve it. I get a lot of questions from friends that want to start a business and from those that have recently started there endeavors, and when I answer them it takes me back to how I dealt with the issues as I went through them, sometimes for the good, and sometimes not.

I’ll be honest when I started I spent a lot of time looking for start up advice and just couldn’t find it. Now don’t get me wrong there’s tons of advice online for how to fund your business but they all start out with the same three recommendations. Without fail they all advised that you bring in a partner with money, find angel investors or get a loan. Now I don’t know about you but the idea of going $50k in debt on something I had never done before scared me to death, and I’m not going to take the risk of starting a business with someone who doesn’t know me or anything about the business I want to start. So I guess that leaves one option. It’s the option I and thousand of other people opt for every year and that is boot strapping.

Now when I decided to name the blog I was surprised by how many people had never heard this phrase. It comes from the old phrase being “pulled up by your boot straps” and that is essentially what you’re doing with your business. Your taking the initiate and building something out of nothing. Your taking your grit and your knowledge and your willing something into being through that and hard work. You’ll mess up, a lot, I do on a daily basis, you’ll get tired and need a break but if you just keep focused and keep going you can make it.

I want this to be a platform for questions and answers but also for outside advice. If you have a different opinion or other advise please share. I want to give help to those not as far into it and I love getting advice from those further along, in the same place or even with better understanding of certain platforms. I’m excited to see what happens next and hopefully you are as well.

Until next week!


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