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Now I know this is a Blog about small business and the last thing you want to hear is some sappy story about growing up hard and poor and never having anything. You want to know how to deal with business and how to start with nothing and make something out of it. Well the biggest issue I have with business blogs today are that they are run by people who either had a business twenty years ago when banks were giving out lots of money, they had lots of investors to throw money at there problems or they have never done it and are writing pieces about a made up life. If you get offended at that then OK. That’s my point of view and its my blog so ha! Like I said in my first blog post I would be happy to talk about it in length, I am not sensitive so you wont hurt my feelings if you want to message me about it.

Anyway back to topic, the only way you will appreciate anything I have to say is if you know who I am, where I came from, where I am now and how I got here. The “how I got here” is what this blog is about so if you want practical advice on growing a business and seeing how I did it, just stay tuned. I will get to the “where I am now” in a moment but first I want to address a little bit about where I came from so you understand why bootstrapping is so important to me.

I was born… just kidding. I wont take it back that far.

I grew up in a very happy, very baptist family. Now this is a business blog not a religion one so don’t worry about that but I credit my faith and the values it instilled in me with a lot of the success I have had in life. Anyway my child hood was pretty good. We had a lot of bad happen but when I think about it now i choose to focus on the good things. I grew up in low income housing, on medicaid and welfare. We got free public school lunches and wore hand me down clothes for a long time. I can count at least three times that we were homeless but good friends and family came to the rescue. For a long time I had two active parents and then only one. Before you jump to conclusions my parents weren’t lazy, they didn’t have major character flaws and they weren’t bad people. Mom was handicap, she had a disease called Frederick ataxia and due to that had lost the ability to hear, and walk and she was considered legally blind. After my parents had children the disease progressed and she became unable to care for her five children alone so my father decided to stay home with us until we were old enough to help Mom around the house. That is the major cause for our situation. Later in life my mother would go to a nursing home full time and my father who hated hand out programs decided to work crazy hours at multiple jobs just so he didn’t have to utilize those programs any more to take care of his own kids. Once we got old enough to work we started helping around the house and now he is kid free and doing OK. Mom unfortunately passed away a year before I started my business so she never got to see it.

Now all of that being said I had two parents who in there own ways loved me to death and I would be a poor son indeed if I didn’t try and find a way to make them proud of me. So I worked hard, at every job i had. I started at McDonalds and went on to run a store in record time, I moved on to insurance and then to industrial sales and then one day I got frustrated with how slowly I was moving up and decided I would take matters into my own hands. I didn’t go to collage, I thought about it, I know the benefit but I didn’t have the money, and didn’t want the loans. I grew up in a household without a lot of money so the last thing I wanted to do was owe someone a bunch of money, so I worked, hard, and long and when it came time to start the business I did it the way I’ve done everything else, start working and go from there. I spent time calling and stirring up business even before I set up my LLC. The same day I got my first order was the day I started my LLC and filed with the state of Ohio. They paid upfront and I started a business “officially”. From there we have grown organically. You would think it would be slow but we maintain repeat business so it has been a pretty quick process. I can get more into the details of that later but for now I just wanted to let everyone know that there was a real person behind this blog, writing these posts, with a real drive to succeed and why it is that I do what I do.

As for where I am know just take a look at the picture above. This was my shop this morning. Its not glamorous like some business and its a weird niche that most people wont even recognize, but its mine, I built it from a phone and a laptop in my bedroom to a 10,000 square foot building. And I’m not even 30 yet.

So why boot strapping? because I’ve spent my whole life doing it, because I watched my parents do it, because I want to prove to everyone that says you cant do it personally or in this day and age that they are completely wrong, and because I want to help others with the same drive do the same thing with out all the road blocks.

We are on our way, next week I want to talk about those first few months and how exactly everything fell into place. I wouldn’t mind finding a guest writer for the second weekly blog too. So if anyone is interested and you have some valid experience I would love to talk.


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